Available Greys

Onew (W. Mass)
Onew is a 3 year old fawn male who is very sweet and lovable. He would like a canine companion in his new home and seems to be cat workable.


Harley (Bos)
Harley is a 4 year old fawn male who loves life. He is happy and bouncy and ready for anything that comes his way. He would love a kiddie pool in his new home. He needs leash work does not seem to be cat workable.


Berger (Bos)
Berger is a 3 year old red male who enjoys leash walks and gets along well with dogs of other breeds and sizes. He does bathroom business on leash and can do simple stairs so far. He is eager to please, responsive to corrections and rides very well. Berger does not seem to be cat workable.


Phlox (W.Mass)
Phlox is 3 year old red female who is friendly and walks well on leash. She is a bit of a counter surfer and likes to play. She gets along well with a Beagle in her foster home and seems to be cat workable.


Spear (Bos)
Spear is a 3 year old black male who has been described as a gentle soul looking to share a couch. He walks like a dream on his harness and has been crating with no issues. He does well with other dogs of all sizes with proper introductions. Sudden noises like car traffic by does not faze him in the least. He has met several kids on walks and seems to love everyone. Spear Has done small runs of stairs and is very focused on hitting each step. He may do well in a solo dog situation as he cares more about people than the dogs in his foster home. Spear seems to be cat workable.


Wiggles (Bos)
Wiggles is a happy 3 1/2 year old white/brindle ticking female who is affectionate, walks well on the leash and likes to play with toys.
She is very food-motivated and loves to eat! She did exhibit some resource guarding in the crate when she had a kong, but otherwise has gotten along well with the other dogs in ehr foster home, and hasn’t been reactive when she sees/hears other dogs on walks.
Wiggles seems to like having other dogs around and seems to be cat workable.