Time is running out.

The Greyhound Scramble is the most fun you can have on the golf course without breaking the law.

If you are planning to play in or attend the 14 annual Greyhound Scramble please let us know by Monday noon.  It’s only $95 for a full day of golf, cart, lunch, dinner and raffle.  If you don’t play golf but would like to join the fun the cost is only $25 for dinner.  You can download the registration form on our FaceBook page or on our home page. http://greyhoundoptions.org

Fostering: Do you have a vacancy?

Greyhound Options is chock full of amazing volunteers, but there is always a need for more foster homes.  As G.O. has chosen to operate with foster homes rather than a kennel, all of the available greys up for adoption reside with fosters until they find their forever home.  More fosters homes means we can take in and adopt out more wonderful greyhounds throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.  We also take in hounds who were previously adopted which come back due to various circumstances.  We commit to our foster dogs for the life of the dog, and will always take them back if their families are unable to keep them, so that we can make sure they are rehomed to the best forever home.

So what exactly is required to be a G.O. foster?  All you really need is a desire to help, and room for a crate! We provide all of the supplies you will need, including a crate, bed, turnout muzzle, food, and medication. Most greys can coexist peacefully with other breeds of dogs, and many are also good with cats.  There is also a large support network (online and offline) of other fosters and volunteers with near 24-7 availability in case you might have any questions, or if you need to have someone take care of your foster if you are going on vacation.

Fosters do have some important responsibilities though.  Everything is new to the pups that arrive into foster care. Stairs, hardwood floors, glass doors, and sometimes walking in a straight line on a leash, are all new challenges that newly retired hounds need to master.  Most importantly, they need lots of love and positive reinforcement as they adjust to living in a home away from the kennel full of other dogs for the first time.  All of the work our fosters do to help facilitate this process makes it easier for both the pups and the adopters when they go off to their new homes. There is a more detailed explanation of the foster family responsibilities can be found on the G.O. website (www.greyhoundoptions.org) or on the G.O. Facebook page at the top under Files.

After putting all this TLC into your foster, many people might be afraid that it will be hard to let them go. Occasionally a foster family does fall in love with their foster dog (and vice-versa), and ends up “foster failing”, which is a bit of a misnomer, as both parties are winners! We’ve had over 20 foster dogs come through our house over the years, and it is sometimes a little sad to see some of them leave, but G.O. works very hard to make sure the right dog ends up in the right home, and they joy that we’ve seen in both the dogs and adopters when that happens makes it all worthwhile! We’ve been lucky to be able to stay in touch with many of our former fosters, and even babysit for them sometimes, so we still get to see many of them often.

So go ahead and think it over. The worst that could happen is that you end up with an amazing greyhound! (And maybe lose a couch). 🙂


Matt, Christy & Helo